Saturday, October 20, 2018

The real show, Specials


You can feel the tension in the air.  Tony is here, so the table is a bit full. Zoe and Sheila are going to help me, but we don't have the room this year, as we are limited to one table.  Tempers are on edge.

I did talk to Jim and told him to have fun, and I know he will.  He said he is going to be fast, but I have no idea what that means. 

When I left last niht we had two big bowls of candy. I was thinking I would have some kids take it to offer to the little people.  When  I walked in there was but a small bowl left.  Interesting.

They are about to announce who is dead. I wonder if we shouldn't announce is still alive.  Lou is talking about his friends, and who he just talked to.  As you  know from what I have been saying, this is a hard time for me.  I think of Bob Penny, I think of Gail, I think of so many that should share with us this event.  It takes me a bit to get back to the right mood.


It is quiet now, Martha Simonette is talking to Bob. Tony is off somewhere with a microphone. I hear him,but don't see him. Jim is putting dogs on one side and the bitches go the other.  I haven't see that before. Alex is in front of me.  Great looking dogs.  The ring isn't big enough, so they are doubled up. I am going to try to get a picture of this, 1,000 of the top shepherds in the country.

They are all in tere, and I see people I don't know, and so many I do.  Even I am getting nervous.  I am feeling stronger each day, so it is a good idea I came.  I didn't decide until Sunday, and since Tedi said if I  stayed home, she wouldn't go either. So, I am here.

We don't have room for everyone at the table, I may go get another table.  Jim is walking down the ring and checking everyone in.  He has a great gray suit and a red carnation.  Autumn Dugan is in front of me.  Something is going on, a whole lotof bitches are going to the left of me. Not to insert politics, but I like what is on my right.  I figured it out, the males are on the far side, and the bitches to my right. 

Nancy McDonald is taking to us from inside the ring. She has Spitfire.  Tom Mesdag told the males to relax, and he was going to excuse them and to stay in order outside the ring.  I just heard from someone they enjoyed the Blog so much, they flew in.  I don't get it, but I like the compliments.

The males are all set home, sort of reminds me of what they did to me in high school. 

Out go ten more,and now there are ten in there,only. This I can understand. Starting with a moveup Garnet, who finished at the pre-show and moved up with Zach.  And Jim has them walk.  And they finish a pass.  Jim has the last five stand back and now loks at the first five. That means there are ten in there, I told you I was big on math. And they go around.  second pass.  Why isn't Flower Boy here. It isn't a National without him.

And now the second set of five.  Jim puts Lennie and Zach up front, then Scott and he is taking no time.  Off they go, walking sort of. Now one at a time. Zoe sent some photos to the Blog, so you can join the excitement.

And he has them in order, at least what he wants, and he moves someone to tenth.  And off they go again with Lennie still in front, how he begins the individual.  First bitch.  Down and Back. There will be a lot of that today, and I won't bore you by naming everyone.    Now Zach.  Now Sylnvan with a black bitch Pretty Little Liar.  Lew Bunch is here not, and did a great job listing the dead people.  Scott with Knight's Gambit, I saw Elizabeth and Don yesterday. I can watch the dog in the ring, and then turn to my left, (never mind the politics), and see the video.  Now it is Autumn Dugan. It is Bill Basu as listed. I don't think Bill is here.  What a nice bitch She Smokin Hot.  I remember her first video, she is a good one.  He moves them before he does the individuals.  Lennie is still in front.  I like this process. We used to do this, and I think it is a good idea.  It calms the crowd, and he is still on the first group.

Now he brings four out to the middle to have them stand free and he does another temperament test, and he is working with those four.  and they all go around and outside the ring.  Now the second group comes in.   A group of ten.

I like the dark sable in front as they all walk, and Jim now is in front of us, looking at them as they come toward him.  I love the confident look he has.  He takes the first five around.  I am enjoying his judging, it is precise and without hesitation.  And a second pass, he tells Olivia to drop the lead.  And he puts them to the front and takes his second group. He is taking no notes. and Off they go. Scott in front, then Lennie, and three others.  I know them, I just can't bring up the names.  Call it a very senior moment. And, a second pass. 

First is Olivia, thenm Scott, Lennie and Mike.  For those who think he is favoring handlers, he has the best up there, and they seem to have the good ones.  Jim looks at the rest.  Now he is doing the individuals. He does it right. He has the bitch stand on a loose lead, then approaches them. That is how it should be done.

Go ahead and read over what I wrote above, and do it for the next few groups, while I go work the crowd.  WOW I just saw Traveling Gal.  She should be up there.   Not much crowd reaction, yet.  Scott has a Galaxy daughter, another good one.

More of the same.  Jim is kicking his leg, and I think he is tired of standing.  That is a problem of doing the National.  Now Kellyy is out there in a great looking red top.  I like most anything in red. I have had seven red SL Mercedes, and seem to be stuck on that car.   Bob and I are talking about next year. If either of us get a piece of the National, we are going to smoke a joint in Colorado.  If now, we will have a hookah on the announcer's table.  We need to look forward to something.  I just saw Shoot the Breeze.  Jim pulls out Scott and Olivia and looks over the rest and takes the other eight around. He moves up If Looks Could Kill to seventh.  What a thrill that must be kill. 

Now tthe next group.  He takes them around, and breaks them into five and five. The math thing again.  Venus Williams in front.  Each goes around and Jim talks t the second group, and off they go.  Five more.  Jim pulls from the grous and he has a nice sable in front American Gossip Girl.   And the group makes a pass that way. 

Now the first one for the individual, Gossip Girl and good looking Sable.  Next year if Bob and I aren't judging I will bring my Dragon program, so everyone can see what we say.  After that, we will have to leave the country.  I worked all year learning to watch paint dry, so I could sit and watch this.  I did like Gossip Girl.

Jim is talking to the handler and they both smile, and he goes to the end of the line.  This handler has red soles. Isn't that a woman's show thing?

Sophie Brown is out there with a good looking bitch.  That is Diane and Tim Brown's daughter.  She gets a lot of crowd support for someone who probably weighs 40  pound. She does a great job.

Jim keeps flexing his legs, I think his knees are giving him a hard time. That is a grueling job to stand there that long. He is doing  a great job, and I can't fault what he does at all. Or, if I did, no one would care.  He calls the last one back and wants her to take another pass.  Interesting.  Nice bitch, Hollywood Sow for an all black to change the landscape. I think it is Tony Simpson in there, he does a good job.  This is the last of the third group.  That makes no difference to us, or probably to you.

Now Jim walks to the ten, and he starts to placew some.  He takes the first four.  This is an interesting proceedure, as they stand free, and he does a second temperament test on each of them.  And,he sends them back and takes them all around.  He is looking over the other six, and gives everyone a moment of his attention and takes them out.

You would never know, but I went and had a bagel.  It is sort of like the .kids who send pictures of their food. I don't understand it. Lindsey went around with Pistachio, Jim talked to her, and moved her up.  I think I agree with  what he is doing so far, but the end cuts are the unkindness cuts of all.

I think he might be on the last individuals of this group.   Two and a half hours, and here we are.  I will say this, (well I will type it), everyone is getting a good look. Most of those here want to see the males. Bill Leonard just stopped to say hello, and the seats are full.  I think we might run out of seats. I set up another table and some chairs here so Tedi is now talking to Bob and I get to talk to Tony.  It is interesting to see the same handlers in there, group after group.

I am sending this, so it doesn't vanish.  Being a magician causes me some concern.