Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Show buriness is my life

Bob is here now,so I am extra only.  In the ring is a large grop of great dogs.  I figure nine regions, two from a region, that means 18 dogs. Twyla is not here to correct my math. I may have to phone a friend.

I talked to Frank Frasano, he is working the crowd. Kent has a nice looking dog in the ring,and moving him slow.  I do have a catalogue, and as the day goes on I will look up names.  Cindy is giving out the books, and most of them are pre-paid.  Linda came by to get one.   I am going to take a break and go talk to Dave and Martha, I promise to come back.  Or is that a threat.

Gloria Birch came by.  We so much miss Cappy.  Again, I miss  Jane Kerner. She always brightens my show. Norma Hansburg is talking to me now.  We are amazed how dogs darken at the National.