Saturday, October 20, 2018

Dogs of the world unite

Now the dogs are in there. He takes around ten,and then five at a time.  Jim pulls out Grizzly, Honor Guard,and Tater, and Soul Eater.  And around they go, again.  Jim did a fantastic job with the bitches, and probably will do as well with the dogs.  Now they go, one at a time for the individuals.

I love the procedure. He picks what he thinks he liked, then on the individuals, he can eliminate any problems.  This down and back is fast and certain.  He took 4 hours to do bitches, so probably the same for bitches.  I could tell you each one he does an individual on, but I think I have bored you enough.

I always loved Honor Guard since I saw him as a puppy.  These dogs are so massive and masculine.  I am proud of the breed. Maybe it is that the best ones are brought for Jim, but the quality is great.

OK, I won't lie to you. Gloria came by  with twenty White Castle burgers, so I took a break. I hope you don't think less of me, but I would rather eat a burger than watch  dogs go around.

Now the second group goes around with Liz in front.   The first group was arranged and dismissed.  Now the second group.  Jim took the late arrival, and he just had Cole go out of the ring. I have no idea what that was about, but Scott had him. I love some of these names, they are so inventive.

I am looking for a way to occupy my mind, seeing a bunch of dogs run in a circle is not doing it.  He moved up  Eye of the Tiger, then Smoking and then Smokey and Lance. That is how I see it. If you want to see it another way, go to Denver.  The one in front is who Bob put up in Canada for Winner's Dog.  What a nice male that is.   I am concerned that I look across the ring and see Bill Leonard, Dave Rinke, Tedi and Martha Rinke.  What a group that is.

Everyone know that nothing is going to happen with the groups, so we are chilling waiting for the cutting to begin. I don't see Leo back in, so he might be out for the day.  Out with the old, and in with the new.

Another group for consideration.  Jim must be tired. This is a lot of work.  I like Rifleman, but i didn't used to.    And around they go, where they stop, Jim only knows. Jim tells the last four to Chill and he works the first five.  He pulls Rifleman, Bellamy, Compass, and the rest.  Now the individuals.  Jim moved someone from seven to six.   And, off they go.

Out they go.

They take a pass, and it is starting to be the same over and over. Now the first four.  Alex is in there, but I can't pass judgment yet. Tedi told me not to do that.  Now the second group of five.  Ms Dugan is in there. I just found out she is over 18, and I have been holding her money for about two years. No one told me but she will get a check for Juniors for about $11,000.

He moved Olivia from the back to fourth.  And, they go a Ghost is in front.  Again, more of the same. He moved Midnight Train to the Front. He is an all black.  The third one is Monty. Now the individuals.  I haven't seen much temperament trouble.  Now there is a nice dog, Country Boy.  Jim now looks at Bill Tank's dog, Max. 

Linda Bankhead is here now, talking dogs.  I can't believe people read this stuff.  Someone came by and quoted me, and it keeps me thinking why anyone reads this stuff.  Now he takes four our from the first four, haves them stand loose and walks around them to do another temperament test. Jim makes sure they are loose.  I support that test.  And they all go around again and only the first four.  Now the rest of them. 

Now a new group.  Now only six, so I would guess it is the last group.  Black Train is back in, (Cole).  He left earlier, and is back.  He is an all black with Scottie.  Jim takes the first four, leaving two for later.  Cole in front for now. 

The Winner's Dog is in front, Trump.  Another of that Wisconson crowd. This one by Jeff.  Ching by Mike.  He is Coastline's Even Money. There is an Asgard connection, and that is what is important. Working with Shelia and Zoa is a real challenge. It is helping me develop character.

Another of those all black dogs, Cole, Long Black Train.  Now Black Bart, the breeders are two of the best people in America.  That's it, and out they go.

First group comes in to see who gets cut out.  It has been a long day.  And, it isn't over yet.  If Jim stays to form, he will take from the front,and he  puts Tater up front.  Tater, then Grizzley and Lucifer. The rest leave for this year, and in come some others for personal punishment.

In front is Can You Stop The Rain. Nancy Harper came by.  Peabo and Amadaus.  Pebo is Can You Stop the Rain. 

And yet another group led by Rifleman, Bellamy.  Now he takes the back four.  Jim excused the last four and takes the other five around, and puts them in the good corner, Whiskey Cowboy and Kid rock.

New group front is Gray Ghost, Country Boy and Midnight train and Montego Bey and then Maximum and some others.  Jim looks over the first four and has them take a pass. Those four go to the place of good feelings. He looks at the other five and kicks them out of the ring for this year. They can go home and try to remember why they spent that money.

Winner's dog in front, Trump, and the rest.  Sort of like the president and the congress.  He keeps Trunp and that is the only one.   Now the important things.  There are fifteen in there.  He moved Compuss to the end.  And, off  they go.  The first eight, he moves Tatum up front.  Pabo, (Can you Stop The Rain) with Maria in first, Rifleman in second Bellamy in third.  I don't see him changing, but who knows?  Each goes down and back and around. No excitement in the arena, but the best dogs are up. If Jim isn't done, I can see that.  Jim stops them again and moves Kent up front with Rifleman. Jim takes the end of his Selects.  He takes the last six again so he makes no mistakes.  He moves up Montego Bay Willie too.  But these are the end anyway. And off they go again. He moves Compass to the last group.  And he takes George around with Compass.   Each goes down and back and now the Winner's dog. I like what he has left, but nothing that drives me crazy. Now Monty is out there, and I do like him. 

Jim gives a directiton and takes the dogs one at a time. Monty again.  Now Country Boy.  Now Kid Rock. I think these are the end, but I  am no longer sure.  Everyone is sure getting a good look.  Philip Moore has George and I always enjoy Phillip, Midnight Train to Georgia.  They stack and Jim is placing the back group.  Rifleman is still in front.

This should be it. I think he will take all Fifteen.  It is peaceful in here, and he goes to the end and sets the five end over, (not excused), and takes the first four out to stand alone and another temperament test.

Can You Stop the Rain, then Rifleman and then Bellamy then Compass and the rest.Jim looks at his last six again.  he pulls up Tatum and lets the other five go.  Now there are ten and Liz in front.  No, he stops them again and lines them up in the center of the ring. I think that is it.

First Can You Stop The Rain
Second Rifleman
Third Bellamy
Fourth Compass
Fifth Cowboy Whiskey
Sixth Winner's Dog Can You Trump This
Seventh Montego Bay
Eighth Country Boy
Ninth Gray Ghost
Tenth Regency Blue Bayou

That's it folks.  Zoe and Sheila were behind this, and they won't talk to me for another year, but I am done for at least a year.