Thursday, October 18, 2018

9-12 Dogs

Gloria has nine to twelve, and only four in there.  Both she and Morton are doing a fast job.  Down and Back. Everyone gets a ribbon.  Lennie has an all black, nice dog.  Now Alex witth a dog who does not want his testicles checked. 
They are lined up.  And the group goes aroiund, Gloria has her arms crossed and gives them a good look.  Olivia came by and is standing watching. 

Dawn came by to leave an award, I think she will be back, but I wasn't listening to what she told me.

Now they line up and she moves Lennie to the front with the black, then Alex.  Gloria goes down the line and touches each one. I  think she just wanted her hands on a puppy, and off go the first two.  Karizma.  On to more judging.