Friday, October 19, 2018

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Oh yeah I can imagine!! LoL

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Some can remember the cold in Lexington. We had hundreds of hand warmers, and I won't tell you where we put them but few made it to our hands.

I talked to Rita today, and Kenny at the show.  Rita looks great, I suspect she will judge in Denver.  I also got a minute to see John Beamont with Rita, and they were in the building.  Tony was there and is going to help announce on Saturday, so it will be all three of us.

Gail was being hounded by dozens of people. What a job she does.

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Tell someone to get those glove warmers for Evan!! They fit right in your glove or in your socks! Angela

Angela Scott Orion GSD

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It was 33 degrees this morning and still cold. It is hard to type as my fingers are shaking.
This comes to you by a village.  Karen Taylor goty  me a chair and helped get me a hot spot off my phone. Then Zach came by to  set up the computer.  I finaly got it working, but am cold as all hell.

I was sitting with Dave Rinke and Martha, and Dorothy Lynn was talking to us about the old days. It is good to be here, but it is good to be anywhere.

Joan did a great job with  dog and a Cqptain American Son went Winner's dog. I can do this, hold a catalogue and watch.  I see Kenngt, and Karen Taylor is sitting with me.  Linda ,ankhead came by  I see Art over the other side, and Tedi came by.  Joan just finished Juniors and we are on a break.

I am shaking so mch, I am taking a break for lunch, then will be back,.