Friday, October 14, 2016

Non Regular Classes Veterans

Tony left, Bob ran off,and I am alone with a microphone.  Not a wise move.
In they come 7-9.  There are five, including Galaxy.  Some good looking dogs, finally grown up, and now another Eddison.  Then there were six.
They line up both ways, and I like What I see. Mary Tripp just walked by, as did Joan Fox.  Mary is looking intense.  It must be for Strait Again.
And they move.  I like Goghn Strait Again.  Each takes a run. One tried to eat another, but Bob didn't see it.  Galaxy is the most popular with the crowd. Bob says all together, nice and easy and don't crowd up.   Galaxy looks like a young dog.
I found out what happened with the charges and the Bench Committee, but I am keeping it to myself. I have no way to verify what people have told me. So, I know nothing. 
Galaxy to the front, then The Hitman, and followed by Goghn Strait Again, and Bob looks them over and they keep going and yes, that is it.
First is GCHP Wolf Creek Galaxy of Merivern, Then Second is Campaigner's Melana The Hitman, Third (I think) is Ch Edales Eddison, and maybe Fourth is Ch Knollwood's Incredible Kai of chez-D TC RN CGC.  I can't promise that is right, as there was so much milling around I couldn't see it.
Now for the 9+
It looks like only GCH Willowlakes Chances R and ten and a half years old. Scottie is the handler.  He still can move,and wins a first. 
There they go, six of them.  Love those older bitches and they still look like kids.  I am just glad they aren't driving.  Lenny comes out first.  He has Black Diamond.
Now Ariel. She has been a favorite of mine for years. She is a Canadian bitch.  She has beautiful breed type. That is a good handler, I think she is a Junior. She should be in the ribbons.
Next Merriment.  Lorry Bellah is handling her, and she always does a good job.  Nice dark bitch, doesn't look like she is old enough to be in seniors.
The next Senior is Vision.  Nicole is handling her and I like what Nicole has done all day. The bitch is a great style, and I like how she poses. she is almost nine, just two more months. The way she looks she has a couple more Nationals in her.  What a great spirit.  She wags her tail all the way.
Now Scott with Good Girl Gone Bad, and Cade daughter.  Again, what type, and just a little gray on her, but other than that, she could be a class animal. She has a lot of fire when she moves.
Pocahontas is up now and she is another who could be in the classes. I thought I saw her before,but it might just be my muddled mind.That is style as it should be, and is a typy bitch.  Sue smiles after going over her. That is a crowd pleaser, and she just want to go.
Last is Little Girl Blue. I have seen her before, and she is having a great time. That is a substantial bitch but just drips breed type.  Liv has her, and I know she will be in the ribbons, and might take it all.  Down and back, and I see her movement from that. She is going to be my favorite, so far.  Liv tells Donna, easy.  WOW. Even the crowd see that.
Sue is smiling all the way to her notebook.  I hope they got that on tape.
She goes back out and looks them overand walks to the end of the line, then pulls Lenny, and Rachel, then Liv, so it is Good Girl, then Pocahontas, and Black Diamond. 
Each goes down and back again, and now Sue goes back to the front. She looks as if she just started judging, and she takes Lenny and Liv around together.  She has them walk, Lenny in front.  Two only and Sue looks them over and now walks determined towards Lenny and looks the bitch in the face and now Rachel too, and the crowd like her, and she is having a hard time and gives the two of them instructions.  There they go on another pass.  Amazing at this age, but they are full of it and going like they are youngsters.  Lenny in front. Sue now goes over the backs of the first two.  It is a tough decision, for her, I guess.
She has them take a run and walks towards them and no, she stops them again. She says they are exceptional animals.  Now she backs up and she goes that way.
First was GCH Foxhaven-myjoy Good Girl Gone Bad of Windfall, Second is Regency's Pocahontas V Kridler, Third was GCH Stonewall's Maja's Black Diamond RN and Fourth was Ch Wellborn-Allemade's Little Girl Blue.
Linda Cury is here.  Zoe has a great red jacket with black slacks. Club colors.  Vickie Royce was just here and it was good to see her.
On to 9+
Ten entered.  I was just talking to Liz Stifferman about the Juniors. What a great job There they go, six of them and at that age.  In comes to the second group, another four.  so, ten in the class.  So, they all showed up.
The bitch in the ring now is 11.  It is good she gets out, and is having a good time.  In dog years she is older than me. I hope I can get around at her age.  Or at my current age, as far as that goes.
It is amazing how good they look.  Sue is placing this group and looks the four over and tells them to stop, and pulls out the rest. Sue places them looking at her notes so it is George with Zelda, then Jeff with Golddigger, and Rachel with Divine, and then, who cares?  No, in fourth is Liv with Thriller.  I am sure Ann Solt cares.
Off go the other five, so maybe there are only nine in there. They are old, blame the girls.
Off they go with Zelda in front. She stands the first four and goes from the front to the back and stands back and smiles and puts the whole class together. That is probably it, and there goes Dawn double handling,and Sue says, hold em up.  She moves Rachel to second, and that is it.
First is GCH Dawnhill's Zelda CDX, GN, RAE, AX AXP, AKP. AKP PF. MFP. CGC. TC. Second is Ch Ech-Cham's Divine, Third is GCH Joelle's Golddigger of Jeseffan CD, RN, CGC, and Fourth is Knaufhill's Thriller V Kenlyn.
Tedi is telling me we have to go, so more tomorrow.
Don Knight just went by, and it was good to talk to him.