Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday, now it begins and ends

Here we go. This is the big day, and lots of nerves and excitement.  I am talking to Jessica, and she is looking fantastic. She got no sleep and is ready to go into the ring.  I see Jimmy is doing the grooming. And, in come the ribbons.
Dogs are pulled. One was disqualified because of his owner saying something, and charges brought.
I did get to talk to Lin Fergeson again, so my National is complete.  Only Tedi and I are in the audience but there are a lot of people in the ring.
I am sorry for the late posting of the last class. We went to dinner with Dave and Martha Rinke, Pam Stosser, and Jane Kerner.  Four of my favorite people, (not counting Tedi).  I had to get out and got cut off the net.  Here is Tony and Bob, so the day starts. There goes Tom Mesdag, and Tonyis setting the schedule.  Tim Brown is here, and Diane lost the dog, and so they are not showing him. 
Bob brought his breakfast, but not enough or everyone.  I don't care, he remains my best friend and co-announcer at the National. One of the reasons I come is to spend time with Bob.   Jim Hill is here with us, and also has his breakfast.  Norma Hansberg is walking by.
Opening ceremonies are at 7:30, and it is twenty minutes after. Leslie is here looking great.  She came by to say hello.
I love the feeling in the air.  Each day it gets better, and this is the big Kahuna.  I hear nothing but blowers, and now the ring is filling up. So, the next time I post, it will be description of the show.