Sunday, October 16, 2016

Top 3 judges next National

According to Mr. Stifferman, the National will be outside.  He says the facilities are taken for that week. 
The way I see it is, if the site is taken, hold the National some place else. Don't force it on the membership if you can't even get the building. It rained all last year, and two days this week. Maybe you can have tents, but not for the ring.
Also, get rid of the host hotel, since it offers nothing, has no activities there ,and is expensive.
It doesn't look good for me going next year. I would have shown Bully, (Champion Asgard's Teddy Roosevelt) to Dave. But Lew would be wrong for him. I was thinking how to take two weeks off to drive there and back.  It is probably not going to be worth it to me to go, but Lew, Dave and John are a good combination and the judging could be great again.  Believe me, you will love what happens, I promise you.  You will love it and it will be the best National ever.
We are at the airport ready to get home. I have to be in two courts tomorrow morning, so I have a lot of work to do.
The week was fun. I got to talk to people I haven't seen for a year, and that was good. I saw a lot of dogs I wanted to see.  I wasn't blown away by anything I hadn't seen before.  I thought the Exxon puppies did well, and except for winning the Open Class placed and made a good impression for their sire.
Now, back to reality.  Thanks for letting me Blog.  It was fun, and most of the comments were good, and only a few people complained. As a lawyer, I am used to criticism, so it doesn't bother me.
In the immortal words of Richard Nixon, you won't have Evan Ginsburg to kick around again.