Friday, October 14, 2016

Winner's Bitch

Sheree Moses just came by. We all got to say hello to Tammy Howard, and Linda is doing a streaming video for her.  We are waiting for the bitches. I feels secure with Jane Kerner sitting just off to the side.  The show is almost over except for the end Tim is talking to me. They are having trouble getting the bitches together.
I got to play with The Heat. He sure is a sweet dog.
In come the bitches. You know how hard it is to get a bunch of girls together.
And around they go,and where they stop, nobody knows. But the Shadow knows. So does Sue who points to the corner.  Now each takes a pass.   Not a lot of crowd involvement.  It is quiet compared to the males.
They have all gone down and back, and around. Sue walks to the front and takes her first four and and pulls Scott,Lindsey and George,and then the rest at the end.  She has Liv  at the front,and then Lenny and  Kent.  She puts the other six back and looks at the four.  Sue takes a long time to look at them and gives directions. She wants no crowding and slow with a loose lead. She is doing a good job controlling the ring.
They give each other a lot of room and use the whole ring.  Each gets a chance in front. I don't do that, but again,no one asked me.
Lenny is not happy with his owners.  And now Kent is in front. He does a great job showing a dog.  And, he makes it look easy.  Now Scott in front, and he is going to show case his bitch.  There he goes, way in front with a full lead and Sue walks over to them and puts Kent in front, then Liv, , no Lenny, then Liv and then Scott. I bet that is it. and Yes.
Winner's bitch Marquis' Uptown Girl V Kenlyn.  Sue walks down the four,and stops at each bitch,and now looks at them from the other side and tells them "one time."  I hope she means it.
Off they go. I thinkit will be Lenny, and no, she stops them again and she gives it to 476, Lenny. 
Reserve Winner's Bitch is Dynasty of Tokaye Edan.