Monday, October 24, 2016

BOB SLAy Judges Critique

Bob Slay
2016 National Judge
Regular Dog Classes, BIF, BIM, Veteran Dog Classes

First, I wish to thank the membership of the GSDCA for giving me the
opportunity to judge at our 2016 National. I also wish to thank all the club
committees that worked so hard to make this national a success. In general,
the things that impressed me most during this judging assignment were;
exemplary sportsmanship, overall excellent temperament of the dogs and
bitches I judged and the spirit of cooperation of those handling dogs. I am
sure the other judges will discuss the dogs they judged in the Futurity,
Maturity and BOB Classes.

There were three classes I judged that I considered OUTSTANDING; Maturity
Bitch Class, Winners Dog Class and Veteran Dogs Class (7-9). I did not always
place first the best side gaiter but looked for the best overall package that
was also pleasing in side gait.

BEST IN FUTURITY: Knight's Gambit Jordan II
Medium size well balanced black and tan bitch with excellent breed type.
She moved with a correct strong side gait and carried a firm topline in
motion on a loose lead. Clean down and back and showed exceptionally
well never once letting down.

BEST IN MATURITY: Ch. Caretti's Disorderly Conduct
What a pleasure to judge this one. She was "poetry in motion". It is
always a good thing to be able to put up the best side gaiter and this is one
of those cases. She has outstanding breed type, sound in all respects, very
good temperament, carried firm topline when in action. Clean coming and
going. One of the most impressive entries I judged.


What a beautiful class of males this was. I could only wish I could have any
one of this group entered at most assignments I judge. From the front of
the lineup to the very end with the impressive 6-9 puppy, I was thrilled with
the quality and salute the breeders.

WINNERS DOG: Marquis' Have You Ever Seen the Rain v Kenlyn
This dog was a standout and has much to offer the breed. He is a
medium size, dark rich black and tan, totally a one piece stallion, hard, dry
and well muscled, wonderful breed type, clean on both ends, correct
proportion, most pleasing in side gait and very importantly he demonstrated
great character and attitude, tuned in to his surroundings but also self-

RESERVE WINNERS DOG: Marquis' Can You Stop the Rain v Kenlyn
This is a very eye catching young black and tan dog that is well balanced
with good proportion, sound in temperament, clean coming and going,
good breed type, strong topline, with a pleasing side gait. One of the good
overall packages.

I never saw or heard of the WD or RWD before the National but was pleased
to learn after the judging they were litter mates. I am sure the breeders are
thrilled and very proud, as they deserve to be.

VETERAN DOG (7-9) FIRST: Ch. Wolf Creek Galaxy of Merivern
I had not seen this dog in three years and was amazed at his beautiful
condition, physical strength and remarkable staying power of a young dog.
I will limit my comments in deference to the breed judge, but needless to
say he was in my ring many times years ago. I remember when awarding
Fritz Group 1 at the AKC Championship Show in 2013 telling one of the
owners and handler this is a "once in a lifetime dog". Need I say more!

In closing, I am thankful for the German Shepherd Dog which enriched my

Bob Slay

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