Tuesday, October 03, 2017

That reads like a "Whose Who" of the club.
I will only be able to help at the table if someone helps at the announcer's table, so far I am the only person there. Tony and Bob, (The Voice of The National), won't be there.
As a beginning thought for the Blog, today a client was to go with me to a deposition.  She is suing because her 14 year old son was run down and killed last year.  She was in Vegas at the concert, can't find three of her friends and can't get out of Vegas. She can barely talk now, and will have to deal with the losses.  Death was right next to her at the concert, and now she has that to think about as well.
Life is so short, and so fragile.  When we get to St. Louis, let's remind each other how thankful we are for their friendships, and for sharing the world with us.
I don't mean to blather, but my thoughts are with all who lost someone lately, and with so many friends I am thankful that allow me to call them friends.
I will pick up the Junior's trophy today, check the bank balance, and close out 2017. I will have a pin for each Junior, so send them to the announcer's table to get their pin.

Linda Bankhead writes:

Thank you to the following 28 volunteers who have graciously agreed to help at The GSDCA table. The goal is to welcome any visitors and introduce them to our club and event. While at the table, we are also asking for help with the booth in general and getting members their catalog orders, seats, etc. I will be approaching you with a sign-up sheet (and have one at the table) so you can select the best time to serve. 
Linda Bankhead
John Ayotte
Val Manning
Karen Hamm
Margie Crutchfield
Sheila Lieberman
Candie Foss
Gary Szymczak
James Moses
Deb Stern
Lew Bunch
Joan Fox
Matt McMillan
Cyndi Flautt
Helen Gleason
Gloria Birch
Zac Hudspeth
Lindsey Hudspeth
Sharon White
Nancy Harper
Michael Pyle
Evan Ginsburg
Troy Simpson
Carol Weddle
Carmen Battaglia
Emily St Hilaire
Mary Gattone
Joy Schultz
Ken Cunningham