Saturday, October 14, 2017

From the airport

It was an unusual National for me.
I was pleased to see the Drapers have such a great show with three class wins, a second with Pat handling and a third. Then a Select with their Exxon son.  And, they were leaving to show at some shows on the way home.  I can't imagine anyone working harder.  Congratulations to them, and their dogs. And to us, since we have eight Exxon puppies in the whelping box.
I was asked to pick up a young lady at the event center and take her to the Comfort Inn to get a ride to the airport. I waiting 15 minutes at three o'clock and never saw her.  But, a large deer ran in front of my car, (they grow them big here) and I almost ran him/her down.
Nancy Hubble lost her diamond rings, one was her grandmother's, but they were found and returned. Then to have Midas go Select was great. If you haven't heard, I broke up when reading the names of Midas and Leo, and I apologize.
I hear there were three bench show committee hearings. I  don't get it. This is for fun.  If we aren't having fun, we need to do something else.  I have no idea what it is about, but whatever, lighten up.
The ring seemed to get confusing at times with Lew, but his winners were "spot on". and no one should complain with his choices.  The mirrored what happened in Canada. A good dog is a good dog.
I loved seeing Yada Yada Yada go Select again.  Seeing a Select on the Exxon/Jill puppy was great.  I agree with Lew that if we are breeding to improve the breed each year, as the years go by, the quality should be improving enough to have more and more Selects. They are not supposed to be judged on  a curve, but on how they reach the standard.  I saw that in Specials.
I thought Pam and John did excellent jobs.  The class winners were the best there. The depth of quality was not there this year. In both sexes, there were a few good ones, but in some classes they had trouble finding a fourth.  Or, at least that is how I saw it.  Both John and Pam told me there were a lot of level bites.  Maybe that is the new challenge for us breeders.
I got up at two P.M. to get to the airport, with the side trip back to the show site.  But, I made it on time for my flight, will get to Los Angeles in time to go to the office and see what Chaos occurred while I was off having fun.
I had a long discussion with Zoe.  She insisted that Jimmy was not running to judge the National.  Again, I was proven right.
Everyone worked very hard to make the show FUN.  I saw little complaints, (again I was told the speakers didn't work), but since it was me announcing, it probably  is better you couldn't understand me.
I sure missed Bob, (The Voice of The National), but talked to him three times on the phone.  He said he went to some place where the video was perfect, and said it was even better than being there because they had cameras on both sides.
I always enjoy talking to Linda Ferguson, and watching her have a Select with Diana on her dog was great. Diana is another person I look forward to seeing each year.
Of course, Jane Kerner is to me, the reason to go. Pam and Jeff too are great to see, and Jeff and Jane had another great year. Captain America seems to produce a real stallion type dog.  Nancy Mc Donald, Rita, Ken Cunningham, Zoe, Dawn, and so many I don't get to see the rest of the year, make it a great vacation.
Another year with memories to build on. Life is good, and if my plane doesn't crash, it will have been a great National.  It is never over until it is over. 
As someone told me, it is better to be seen than to be viewed.
Now, back to work.