Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Futurity dogs

I am amazed.  Here I sit a ringside, with my  computer working.
Nancy McDonald came by and knows computers up and down.  She is working on setobting up my Skype, but I am on line, using my I phone for a hot spot.  If you know what that means, you are far ahead of me.
Pam is in the ring, and Michael Metz just brought me some fudge.  Lenny came in with a good looking dog. George is first, then Kent and now yet another. These are the Futurity dogs. Dave Rinke is here, and I don't see Martha yet.  I do see Bill Basu a bout to go in, I think he might have a winner there. Oh, wait, they are all winners. Kent has an all black.  I was able to get the speakers working, and so I can post.   I see a good crowd already and Pam is watching them as they each take a pass. 
Everyone but Basu has a jacket on. I see Don Knight's dog, but don't see Don yet. What a good looking lineup of dogs.  It is too early for me to remember names, Bob, where are you. Diane Brown is in there with a good looking Black and tan, and now Nancy goes in.  Zack is sitting next to me, and aplauds Nancy's dog. That is one of the great Exxon dogs, and our dog Tigre is home missing the action.  Were he here, I am sure he would have won.
Eleven dogs in there, and Pam walks down and checks them in.  All the Futurity dog winners and reserves.  It makes a great group. Pam counts off seven, and gives them direction.  It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood, no rain yet, but starting to clowd up.  Off they go with Olivia in a red jacket in front, George, Kent with Basu at the end.  Two others, but I am working on remembering names.
Sharon avcery is sitting with Twyla.  Tedi and I went to dinner with Helen last night, it was a great meal, al always.  They only use arm bands, so I can't see who the dogs are, and no one wants to give me information. A good moving black and tan. Now George.  I guess it is time to stop calling him Georgee, but those who knew him when Lamar was teaching him, still remember that name.
It is starting to darken, but we are under the "big tent" at the end of the ring.  Pam walks around the dog, and he stands and off around they go. 
George takes him slow and easy, a great front, and smooth at that speed.
Up comes Kent with a black dog that jumps on Pam and almost knocks her down. Not aloof, but got a good laugh.  I see Linda Kury working hard, and Tom Mesdaag has been the steward, doing a great job.  Val Manning is doing the photography, and working every minute.  Kent's dog likes to jump and a good looking dog, smooth and steady mover, and the crowd appreciates him.
Now Lenny with a striking Black and Tan. I guess if you have a catalogue, you can figure out who they are, but i can't see the numbers. I did see Joey for a minute but he ran off to watch. Carl is here and  I hear "Urea" or something like tha, so I guess that is the name.
Now, another all black. We are seeing more and more of them.  I see Alex is here and I got to talk to him about the Hurricane. The family is fine, but a lot of the island is gone. He is going home soon to see family. Channing is here, still grinning from yesterday.
The show goes on, and no temperament problems. I see the video is steaming and people come by.  I see Pat Draper is here, and I think I see his daughter, and next to him is Celeste, (the hardest working person in shepherds).  They drove, and I haven't asked yet how many dogs they brought.
Finally Basu is out there with a handsome black and tan.Pat and Celest moved so that is probably Pacificico.  If so, he is a good looking male, all dog.  He stands and Pam looks at him and off he goes. That probably is nnot the Exxon son, but I still likehim.  Now they stand off and there go the double handlers and off they go all seven.  Half an hour on the first half of the group.
Pam moves Bill to second behind Olivia and George behindhim and Pam looks them over and walk to them and moves Ken to third, with George behind him. And the stack.  Pam walks to the middle of the ring and sends them off again.  Now just the first four, and she give them a good look.
Zoe came by and does not know Skype, but Nancy will help when she gets out of the ring. Now the second half is there. If you want to know why I need Skype, I am supposed to meet with the producer about my appearance on Myth Busters. They are doing a show about if people resemble their dogs. I am the stupid judge who explains if that is or is not a myth.  Having never done Skype, (but my lap top has a Skype sticker on it), I think it will work.
Now the first dog is out there and great looking stallion type dog, with a great top line.  In spite of the fires, Northern California is here.  Now the first dog of the second half takes a pass, and the crowd like that dog.  Now the second dog.
The sun is trying to come out and they say rain about ten, it is but 8:30, so we are still dry.  I seel that Chris Fasano is helping, and Zoe just came by to say she is going up the hill to work agility. She never stops moving.
Sheryll just came by with Twyla's bitch. She looked great yesterday but let down a bit. It will be interesting to see how she does today.  She is a Futurity bitch.  Lenny takes a pass. That is another star. These are good looking dogs, and would win in any  show.  Now Diane is out there.  She told me she injured her foot a couple of weeks ago, but seems to be doing fine. I dont' see Tim, but he is always there when she is in the ring.  She has a very stylish dog, who seems to be having a great time.  And off she goes for the trip around.  Great timing on that dog, and the crowd appreciate it.
Now Nancy is out there and so is not helping me with my Skype. I hate it when dog shows get in the way of important stuff.  Still sun shine. I see a lot of mingling and the crowd likes Nancy's dog.
And out goes Mike. The dog wags his tail and seems to be having a good time. I hear sqweeks from Celeste,but I dont' see her. That must be Pacifico, the Exxon son.  I would guess an Exxon son just from seeing him. Big, great style and shape and I see Leslie with red hair.  No relationship. That dog moves with such power.  I am a fan of Exxon and have been since he was a puppy.  I like what he is producing as well.  Real strong males. and off goes the group.  with Mike at the end. Pam foldes her arms and gives them a good look.  And they line up.  Pam walks to the frong,and now walks back t look at them moving another trip  around.  They leave lots of space and now set them up with hearts beating.  The handlers too.  And Pam walks down the line, looks them over and now gives some direction, with her hands on her back and stands, and stands, and stands. Now she walks back to the first group and walks the line, she has two lines of dogs.  Now to the front of the second group and walks back and wants to see the second group, walking.  They do as they are told.  with Mike in the back.   Pam gives some direction and off goes teh first group. I see Linda Bankhead is here and off goes the second group with Olivia in front, walking now. I like what Basu's dog is doing and they set up. YES, Billgoes thethe front, and Pam is pulling and placing.  Bill in Front then Kent with the black dog and Pam takes aroungthe six other dogs and sends them all to doggie hell.  Now more Futurity for you. Now she has seven, Nancy in last place, Bill leading the pack.  And, off they go, at a walk.  Very impressive.
Still no rain and they dogs stop for Pam to look them over.  She points to Diane and oves her to fourth, I am sure she is delighted, and off they go, and Pam gives them a good look, everyone gets a look and she  mves to the front as the set up, and she stands back again.  And, now at a trot.  Off they go, and yes, Bill wins it with Lindenhill's Cold Pac V Gracelyne.
More to come.