Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Maturity dogs

I talked to Art, and the fire came within a mile of homes of those here, but everyoneis afe.  There are fires in Southern California, but while close to our homes, about ten miles away, so everyone see fine.
Karen Taylor is here laughing. She does that most of the time. I see Pam is back to the center.  It is amateur Futurity dogs.  I am sorry, but it is hard to hold  my attention, but there were two of them. One of them won.
A girl in my office owns two condominiums. She had to evacuate them both due to the fire.  It is a rough time this week.
Big Dave came by for a minute.  Everyone is milling around now, waiting for the Maturity.  It looks like rain, but the Futurity is over, how long can the Maturity last?  I just called for the dogs. I am going off line now.  I need a comfort break.  That is probably too much information.
In come the Maturity dogs. Now, that is exciting. I got to talk to Jane Kerner. To me, that is the high point of my National each year.  I see Mike in there now with a real  stallion dog.  Jane has a dog in there I want to see. She was telling me that Ed judged him and liked him so much he co-owns him.  It is getting real dark, and I hope we finish quickly.  I do recognize and Exxon dog in there. and Kent owns two dogs in there, so I don't know which one he is on.  Mike has Fire Starter, who is Exxon bred to Asgard's Jill.   I always like to see and talk to Linda Fergeson, and she is here too and has a dog in there.
Off goes the first dog, and he looks as good as I could ask for. Now Lenny.  There they go. In that class is Arson and Rifleman, and of course I like them both.  Mike does a great job, and Arson is such a strong mover.  I hear squeeks from Celeste.  and it gets darker and darker, and now thunder, and off they go, the second group. I am going to move deeper into the tent.  Pam looks secure, but she has to know it is going to rain.  George takes him down and back.  It is hard for me to think there could be anything in Specials to match these.
I remember one year when I got started and was showing in the classes. Then come Specials, I realized that it was a whole new show.  There is  nothing like seeing those champions.  Now Linda's dog is in there. George and Linda are another reason I like to come to the National.   Kermit, and the crowd likes him.   Jeff is in there with another Exxon son.  He is a great moving dog, and stands perfectly.  Two Exxon sons in there, and just shows that the dog is producing as good as he is.  We have a litter of Exxon puppies at home. They are bred to a repeat of Jill, who is the damn of Fire Starter, etc. Jill, Kierk, Icon, and Way to Go are all repeat champions, so we bred Way to Go to Exxon.  It might be a good Way To Go.
Now Cindy has her dog in there.  I think she has San Gabriel.  And it is getting darker and darker. I feel like voltmort might be here.  Pam goes to the desk and hands her glasses in. Either she can see without them, or doesn't want to look any further.  she has five up there to look at, half the class, and off they go.  Pam stands back and tells them to take another pass. I like what George has, and also Linda's dog, hell, I like them all.  Not a slouch in there.
She moves George to the front, then Mike and calls for her rain jacket.  Off goes the second group, and they also are top quality, and a few stars.
Back to her winners five, the rest go to handler's hell for the day. No rain yet. George, Mike, Kent and then, who cares. She has them walk, and Arson looks great and I doubt she will change.  But, she is looking them over, and now they stop.  Not much noise, and off they go again. I like Arson the best, but that is me.  She stops them again and off they go again.  Someone is outside the ring double handling the first dog and now Mike and the second dog,and she brings them back and Georgeleads the Group, and YES, he takes it.  Who I talked about Dui chien's American Rifleman Forever, owned by Libby7 Cameron, Ed Barritt, Liz Oster and Kent Boyles, bred by JANE E. KERNER.  Cool!