Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Novice Bitchs

As the continues, I say less and less. It is sort of a blessing.
Mike comes in. I don't know how he can show every class like this and still seem fresh. Same with Diane and Olivia who are in here too.
Waiting for Jeff, but he comes in now. Class of seven.  I already used my Magnificent Seven joke, so I have nothing new for this class.
Pam looks great, and takes them around.  Tedi just brought me a sandwich, so I am ready to go again. I will admit, I am sick of candy.  Yes, there can be too much candy.
I need a chair cushion and a Winter coat.
Mike is out there and his bitch takes a perfect pose.  Another Man u Man daughter. Nice movement. I think that is the dog for movement and Exxon for type and movement. That is my opinion after what I have seen.
Olivia is out there, and I just took a break and stood up.  No one is yelling at me, so I guess I got away with it. 
Now Diane is in there. I like her new short hair, and I see Tim helping from outside the ring.  A nice dark black and tan and perfectly clean coming and going. 
Tiffany Bartly is by me now. She lost a ton of weight and looks terrific. 
Jeff is in there now and he has another dark bitch almost a Bi, but no white at all.  The crowd likes her, but not much noise from anyone.
Next up is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star of Edan.  I saw Ann Schultz yesterday, but not today.  She just bred a bitch to Agon. We have a new Agon pup at home and eight Exxon puppies. So, we will be back in the ring.
Bob Kish came to chat, but then admitted he came for candy.  I will take that.
1.  Almarwinsome Lauren Camareigh
2.  Kennelwood's Leather and Lace
3.  Eye Kandy of Aramist N Gretchanya At Ali B's
4.  Daysprings Glitter of Chimane