Monday, October 09, 2017

The show befor teh show

It was a great first day of the national.
It started out cold, but got up to 80 with no rain. They call for rain tomorrow, and the Futurity will be outside as the show today.
Clint did a great job, and I loved the bitch Channing showed.  She was winner's bitch and Best of Winners. I will assume someone is posting the results.
I have three call from Bob Dresher, he will be missed. He watched the show  streaming, so I guess it was available.
I got to see Diane Brown, a highlight of the National for me, and even talked to Tim. I told Diane we could do a calendar of girls of the national, but I am not sure we could do a whole year.
I did get to talk to Jane Kerner, and Cappy and Gloria were here. Of course Dave Rinke and Martha were sitting with Paul, and we all got a few minutes together.
Twyla, Tedi and I were able to sit with Karen Taylor, and Nancy Hubble came by for a bit. Everyone is worried about the fires in Northern California so Zack and Lindsey kept checking the news. Frank and Carolyn Martello got here about half way through the day, as did Bill Basu.
I did say hello to Christine Granger, and also spent a few minutes with Mary Ann Imhoff and her daughter Tracy, who shocked me by telling me she had an 18 year old daughter. Tracy, not Mary Ann.
Helen Gleason is taking Tedi and me to dinner, the last chance we can talk to her before we become officially the little people if she is elected president.
Gail Stiffleman was working all day, and their daughter talked to me about the Parade of Greats.  I am going to be reading it, so I went over the script. What a line-up.  It starts with Rumour and then just goes on. So many of the conformation champions are performance stars.
I probably won't attend the education seminars.  I have nothing more to learn and since my brain filled up in 2011, every time I learn something new, I have to forget something I knew. Last week I forgot my seventh grade locker combination.
Sharon and Mike Avery spent some time with the group, and  I saw some real stars in the ring.  The procedure was great, but the young pups, before six months, take a long time to judge.
We finished about four, but I didn't think there was any wasted time.
I enjoyed seeing JoLin, Joan Fox and Linda Bankhead.  Linda was taking pictures.  I am going to miss Murray a lot.
On to dinner, and then the Futurity. I can't post from the outside show, my  computer has to be plugged in. Much like myself, it is too old to work at peak efficiency any  more.