Wednesday, October 11, 2017

9-12 Puppy Dogs

In come the class. To be honest, I lost everything I wrote. I did say hello to Jack Kilgore and Dean Wylie.  and now Lenny is in there with You Can't Handle The Truth.
Twyla came to talk to me, and Tedi is here talking to her. I guess they didn't think I had enough to do.  Off Lenny goes and takes his dog slow. A big handsome male.
Now a big sable who loves the judge and his name is America's Patriot.  I saw Dan Dwyer for a few words, and that is a real dog looking dog, deep body and clean coming and going.
Paige Kiedrowski is in there with Change the World. She is going to be one of the top handlers soon, if she isn't now. I like the way she shows a dog. This is a nice standard black and tan.  And around he goes.
Now Cindy comes out with Gift of the Magi.  I have liked this dog since he was a young puppy.  He is built right and owned by Lori Stewart another close friend, and generally nice person, and off he goes.  A good pass.
Now Kent with Casino Royale.  Lindsey came by to get some candy. I think if I didn't have candy, no one would talk to me.   He is a good one, but not going to win it all, but no one asked me.  The competition is awful high.  Off goes he group.
He pulls Cindy to the front, and I am so far, two for two.  He puts Kent in third and Lenny in second.  Gift of the Maji in front and looking good. And now, on to the other group.
Zack is in front with Jingle Bell Rock. I know that to be a great puppy, let's see how he does.  I think he will be the one to beat this class. 
Jeff is in second with one of the 437 Cherpa dogs they brought to the National. 
There goes Zack and the crowd likes that dog.
Now the Cherpa dog, Under Orders.  Exxon produced some real stallion type dogs, and seems to give them a presence. Celeste never stops moving and the crowd likes that dog too.  Anita just stopped by and said hello to everyone except me.
Now out for her individual is Roc of Stone. Don Stack owns this dog, and real good looking dark black and tan. 
Now a sable.  Heart of Stone.  It is too cold in here.  And next is Zero. He is a Bi. Twyla agrees with me, so I feel save saying so .
Down and Back and around.
And, last in the class is Olyvia.  She has Black Hawk.  Another dark dog. I don't think we have a pigment problem in the breed.  I see Ed is here with Dan Dwyer, I will go talk to him. Gloria and Cappy are here. and giving hugs. 
I just went to talk to Ed and while I was gone the Cherpa dog went to the front with Cindy right behind.  As I said before, I make a claim since his damn is a daughter of our Champion Asgard Jill.  And off they go, the judge says, "drop the lead" so instead he lets it loose.  John Moved Lenny up to fourth, and this is what is left and YES, the Cherpa dog wins the class, Cherpa-Coastline Under Orders.  Way to go Celeste, (and Pat, if anyone cares).
1.  Cherpa-Coastline Under Orders
2.  Norberge's Gift of the Magi of Clayfield
3.  Clayfield Jingle Bell Rock of Norgerge  (Yes, they are littlermates)
4.  Caradoc s You Can't Handle the Truth
Twyla gave me the winners. she is doing a great impression of Bob (Voice of the National) Dressher.