Wednesday, October 11, 2017

12- 15 Dogs

There is a lot of rumbling with no dogs in the ring.  Karen Wagner is walking by as is Bill Leonard.  Not together. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
Don Knight is here and nodded to me.  I guess that is all I get, Liz is much more friendly.  Roxanne came by and is with Gloria.  Cappy and Gloria talked about leaving to make sure their home is OK but decided to stay. DD Ardoin and I were talkiing, and now he comes by to find a seat. 
The class winners are taking a lap for the cameras, and so we have a lull in the action. I see Linda Bankhead, and somehow Dave Rinke sneaked and is sitting in front of me. And now Joan Fox is here in a red white and blue jacket. 
In come the 12 to 15 dogs.  Cindy in front, then Jeff and then Diane Paul and Kent, Mike and now George.  Jeff ends the class.  And, off they go.
I like the big sable in second and George has a good looking dog. 
Now the individuals.  And, not sense repeating myself, but the same thing is being done with each dog. Jeff is out there with Dream On, and if you have ever gone to a dog show, you know what is going on.  Gary, (Dreaming of being President) came by with his god child. 
Now Mike with a gasoline dog.  It is an Exxon son, so Celeste is in front of us.  down and Back twice now. He stands and off they go, Mike on one end of the lead.  A crowd favorite. 
Now Kent.  Sharon Avery is talking to us, she is sharing food with everyone.  Donna Calabrezi is here doubling her dog.
Captivia, Pat and Celeste's daughter is sitting with us now. She is a great kid, and gets to sit at the announcer's table. 
Jeff is out there and his wife, Jessie is one of the prettiest women I have ever seen. They are great people and Jeff will become a top handler.  Not the right dog today.  Two dogs out of this class, mostly a bad age.
Jimmy is talking to Dave in front of me and off goes the class six left.  Halley is here now, and talking to us.  She is doing the seminar on Monday.  John looks them over and stops to look at the gas dog.  He wants them to take another pass.  This is a difficult class. John leans over and pull Mike to the front. Kent is right behind.  John tells Mike, One Time.  And off he goes, at a full run. They stop and John loks them over.  John stops them and moves George in front of Kent.   Mike still in front with the gas dog,and John has them walkk and he stops them and there they are, AND    yes
1.   Windfall-Cherpa's Illuminator of Hickoryhill
2.   Eoofdifrd-Once Upon a Time
3,   Eagle Valley's Country Boy
4.   Shatzmar's Midnight Madness FDC