Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Novice dog

I got a chance to talk to Pam. I mentioned and she agreed, there is a temperament problem here this year.  I saw some I would question and she agreed and put them at the end.
There are only four Novice dogs. I hate it when you win and can't be there any more.  Martha Rinke went and got a heavy jacket. It is cold in here, it isn't just me.
Another excused for temperament. John did all he could not to excuse the dog, but there is a point you have to.  I don't think any were disqualified, but seeing four animals released seems to be a lot.
Then there were three. See no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil.
Cindy has her dog out there and it is a good all black. I suspect she will be in the ribbons.
Scott is out there with Uriah, the last one in the class.  He would win in any class, but has to only beat out two others.  George came by and is talking to Tedi and me. 
1.  Mar Haven's  Jameson's Black
2.  Windfall's Mannix of Hickoryhill Danah
3.  Breal-Jogra's Uriah