Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bred by dogs

Amateur Owner Handler Dog was Backdraft's Chef Der Feuerwehr.  Sharliene Bowers did a great job.
Now Bred by and Pat Draper is in there with another of those great gas dogs.
In they come. Five in the class. 
Pat has always done a good job. I see Kent in there too.  I like the dog both Pat and Kent have.
John walks the class and looks them all over I like the dog Paige has too.  Good looking group of five.   I suspect Kent will win the class. He has a Captain America son. That dog seems to be producing. 
Kent is out there. That dog is perfectly well trained. John gives them all a good look and sends them around.  Off they go, all with dreams of winning and going Grand Victor.  John spends some more time with some than others, and I see him thinking and tells them to go again. I am so glad I gave up handling.  I see some good stuff and surprise surprise, Kent goes up front with Paige in second and Pat in third. I don't see how he could do it better. 
It can't be much better but YES Pat moves to second.  Pat does handle out our way, but mostly they use Mike. He shows as well as anyone, and Celeste is working and the dog loves it.
1.  Kenlyns Owen V Marquis
2.  Cherpa's Defending Your Life
3.  Kiedrow's What Was I Thinkin
4.  Mazerick's Start Me Up