Thursday, October 12, 2017

Bitch Class Winners

It is such a pleasure to watch John judge. He knows what he wants, but gives everyone a look. Then takes no time and picks. Ed used to do the same.
I remember one time I showed under Ed and he pointed to me and I thought he said to move to number one. Art was in front and told me he said, you're the one. I looked up and Ed handed me the Winner's Dog ribbon.
We have a break due to the time limits in the catalogue. 
OK, right on time and in they come.  I see that everyone is milling about and I got to talk to Bob  Kish for a bit. He is doing great and even judged a show. He and I had the same surgery, so we know that it is a bitch to gain weight. But, we both keep pushing. I am about five years ahead of him.
Mike Avery is loading up on candy. He only takes it when Sharon isn't looking. I wonder if he knows she is doing the same thing. Al Marten came by,and the girls are in the ring. I think this is going to be harder than the  males. 
This cushion that Rita bought me has made all the difference.  While it is still cold, I am comfortable.  A doctor asked his patient if he was comfortable. His response was, "I make a living".
And not they get the last one, the puppy with Nancy.  Eleven in there, you can figure the classes.  And off they go. 
Now she moves them and puts the puppy into sixth.  Pam lets five of them go to the Corner of Doom.  And off they go.  A couple of great bitches, some good bitches and some, not so much. Riverly Hoyle will be hard to beat, but Zip (you know the rest is something else). Camareigh is special, and can't be ignored. The Winners Bitch should be one of those.  Again, no one asked me. Odds against is something too, one of the Gas dogs.  The puppy is he crowd favorite.  Were it not the National, it could happen. 
Pam says, take them around with a circle gesture.  And off they go.