Thursday, October 12, 2017

Early on before anyone gets here

I got here about 6:30 and the workers were already hard at work. Candee Espy works all day and never stops. Gail is amazing, she seems to be everywhere at the same time.  It made me think of how hard people work at the National.
Zack and Lindsey are always in the ring and never seem to rest. Of course, I have never seen anyone like Celeste and Pat Draper, who won three classes so far, and then Pat goes into the Bred By class and takes a second. 
I do have to apologize.  When I tried to read the top twenty German shepherds, I lost it on Midas. I love that dog,and Kenny and Nancy are as great friends as I could ever hope for.  I then sucked it up for Leo, who I also think is a great dog and the number one.  I also admire and am pleased I can call Art a friend. In the dictionary under just great people you will find David and Ann Blackie with William Peterson.  I was sort of prepared when it came to Calileo, but just lost it with Midas.
I want to start a rumor that it was staged, in order to maintain my macho image. So, I will work on it today.  We have the Parade of Greats to get through, but I am working on my manliness and plan to stand strong.  I hope I don't have to read those who have died. There is a limit to my strength.
Everyone is starting to get tired. I told Tedi this morning that thankfully this is the last day.  She reminded me, it isn't.
It is early, few people here. Tom Mesdag who works every minute is here and offering to do whatever is needed. I sure miss Bob (The Voice of The National) Dresher, but I hear he is watching us while at work. Dick Jennings should be here, but gave it up to buy six tickets to Hamilton.
I give up on complaining on this facility. It is great for all our venues. I know it is hard to get here, impossible to bring dogs, but if all you are doing is announcing, it is perfect,
It is not as cold in here today, the chair is just as hard, and still no one in the place except you and me.
I will be back when things start to heat up. Probably a bad choice of words.