Friday, October 13, 2017

Early morning mussing.

I got here at 6:00 a.m. and there's no one in the house except you  and me.
I did get to see the dogs and bitches being worked in the ring last night. I can't imagine that the dog Kent is showing or rather the dog Jimmy has, (I don't know who will show him) won't be the Grand Victor. He is beautiful to look at, and can  move.  I haven't seen him before.
Congratulations on the board and Gary for President.  I can't imagine why anyone would want that job,but Gary has always worked hard for the club.  Now it pays off.
About the classes. The winners were as should be and good quality animals. The depth of quality was not here this year. Two or three great ones in the front of each class, but beyond that, less than I have seen in years past.  In some classes it looked like John and Pam had to work hard to find a fourth.  Of course, I am in the second row and maybe down on the floor, up close it is different.
I went to the hospitality for just a few minutes. The announcing does wear me out, and perhaps if I didn't try to Blog whenever there was a break, it would be easier.  I know when Bob Tony and I did this in the past, I was not so exhausted in the evenings.  Of course, I have never been so old before.  It is a sober thought to realize today is the youngest I will ever be again.
Someone is on a blow dryer now, but I can't see who it is.  Last night I ran into Bart Bartley. He had lost his car keys to the van. It was open so he could care for the dogs,but he couldn't move it.  Just as we were going to go search, someone found his keys. That was the biggest trauma so far.
I am sorry Paula isn't  here to bug me for not mentioning her name enough. She has Champion Asgard's Teddy Roosevelt, (Bully), and he may be shown some day.  He is our Patriot son, and is taking a long time to mature, but finished quickly as he is a fantastic mover.
The place is still empty except for Candee Voss, who is everywhere. The workers are amazing. Gail has everything under control, and unless you knew better you would think hundreds of people are running this. Tom Mesdag needs to be recognized as well. All day, every day he is there keeping things moving.
I just talked to Candee.  Lew ordered 15 Select ribbons for each sex. So, I  anticipate a lot of Selects this year.  That's just some inside information.  I am sorry Candee didn't get on the board, she would be a real asset for our club. But, the board always works hard to do the right thing.
There was a rumor that we were headed to Denver NEXT year. I  talked to Carmen who said he just signed the contracts, we are back to St. Louis next year and Denver in 2019.  I remember that being LA and then we never got back there.  Let's wait two years  and see what happens. But, plan of cold weather again. They won't turn on the heat in the building.  Thankfully Rita took pity on me and bought me a seat cushion so I am cold,but comfortable.
Tedi and Twyla plan to leave early so I am on my own tonight. I didn't plan to go to the dinner, so I may just hit the White Castle for dinner. I know it is sort of a joke, but as disgusting as they are, it is a change from eating real food.
I did get to talk to Dave Rinke and Paul Johnson. We all agreed that getting rid of the weighted ballot took away our ability to say who we wanted for Specials, Dogs or Bitches. Maybe the board will take another look at that.
The show starts at 8:30, so I have but an hour and a half to get ready.  I do like getting home on Saturday so I can be in the office and line stuff up for the following week. Al Martin said his daughter just graduated college and is thinking of law school.  I am going to talk to her next week.  Nancy set up my computer for Skype so I could meet with the producer of Myth Busters. I am going to be on the show. I could see them, but couldn't hear them. They could hear me, but couldn't see me. They called and walked me through using my I-phone and that worked.  I will chase down Nancy and have her show me what I am doing wrong. Besides announcing at the National.
Tom is here and he and Candee are working together to set up the ribbons. Candee told me a story of hearing yesterday from one of her puppy buyers who had to move into a garage as their house was burning. She thanked Candee for selling her such a sound puppy.  Isn't that why we do this stuff?
The lighting is better this year. I fixed the sound by turning the speakers.  I have gotten some compliments as to my announcing, but that might just be people being polite. Whatever, we are surviving Bob (The Voice of The National) Dresher not being here. He has a new job and this was his second week.  He made a wise decision, but he is missed.
It's time for me to get up, walk about, look at the champions and stretch.
More to come.