Thursday, October 12, 2017

Winner's Dog

We are about to do Winner's Dog. Martha Rinke came by and they are gathering in the ready ring. John is back, we had an hour and a half break.  I never saw that at the National before.
Up for winners is:
Owen V Marquis
Jameson's Black
Whiskey Cowboy
And, my catalogue does not have the rest.  Refer to my prior posts.
John is in the ring and in they come, Lennie, Kent, Maria, Sharliene, Cindy with Black, George with Cowboy, Mike with Illuminator, (the Gas dog), Jeff with Under Orders, (another Gas dog), and Autumm Dugan.
That is when you know the judge did a great job.  I sort of like Kent's black dog.  He has already done the individuals on these dogs, so it should be fast. Of course, that is just my opinion.  I would love to judge this group of dogs.
John spends some time on the puppy.  Nine of them.  He takes them down and back, one at a time. What else would he do?  It is going to be interesting to hear what the crowd likes.  Lenny says, calm down,and takes off.  Nice dog and good crowd reaction.  Now the coat,and a nice dog, but not a crowd favorite.
Kent with Compass.  An all black that is a great mover and impressive up close.  And around he goes. More crowd noise.  Not a missed step. 
Maria with Owen.  From the Bred By class.  The sound of one hand clapping.
Now it is the Amateur Handler Class.  Almost silence from the crowd.  Now some applause.
Next is Cindy with Jameson's Black.  From Novice dogs.  Another all Black.
Some support, but not a lot.
Up now is George with Whiskey Cowboy from 15 to 18.  A nice dog, but not mature as the others.  Truly competitive however.  Few clapping, and George goes back to start over.
Now Mike with the Gas dog Illuminator.  He is holding him up and he takies him down and back again.  And around. 
Jeff with another gas dog, Under Orders.  I sort of like him.  He is a crowd favorite.
Next Ms. Dugan with Chaos.  Owned by ames and Sheree Moses.
That's the class and John has to decide a Winner's Dog and Reserve.  My money would be on Kent. 
Lenny in front, Kent and George.  and the puppy.  I thought I saw the puppy start to limp, maybe I am wrong.
Lenny tells the double handler to be quiet.  and off they go.  That is a nice open dog.  John walks to them and moves one to fourth, and tells them to take another pass.  Just the first three. The open dog is great, but KENT TO THE FRONT.  I agree with John.  He moves George to the front. He is taking the three only and giving them each a shot in front.    There they go. 
He gives it to Lenny with LACOMTESSE BELLAMY.
Now for Reserve.  In comes Full Metal Jacket.  That But he is in third place.  YES. Kent gets it with COVY-TUCKER HILL'S COMPASS-PP