Friday, October 13, 2017

Getting closer

I got to talk to Lew for a bit. He is in a tux with blue accesories.  We had to add some seats up front since his family is coming to watch him judge.
I just found out Al Martin lost everything in the storm. His two homes, his business, cars and everything are gone. I was told a collection was taken and they are presenting him with $5,000.00. Al is sort of a private person, so I don't know if he will want us to do this.
I talked to Nancy Hubble who told me she took off her rings to wash her dog, Midas, and lost them They are a diamond cluster, and having lost her husband a few years ago, I am sure this is a terrible time.  But, I talked to Gail, and Purina found her rings, so that is a happy ending. 
The place is coming alive. I went back to the grooming area, and you could cut the tension with a knife. It is amazing what an alive feeling there is here.  Lots of blow dryers, and they have music on the speakers.
Corbin just came by. He is in Juniors and has on a great suit. He is going to be out there handling so it is one I will watch for. He is ten now so if he wins he has to wait eight years.  Nice young man, and he said he showed last year.  I hope he wins.
People do come to say they thank me for what I said.  No one has come by to complain about how I punked their dog. Maybe they don't want to talk to me.  I don't often remember what I said.  It is like when I do something in the law office. When it is over, I seldom remember doing it.  It is sort of strange.  Frank Fasano just came by and I see Alex picking up his bib.  Carmen is talking to Lew and the place is starting to fill up.  So far I haven't done too badly with names, but a few I have to search my memory for.
I am starting to get jazzed too. The excitement is palpable and I can't wait to get started. Of course there is the BIG LULL while they do individuals, but still the building is rocking and rolling.  There goes Bill Tank, and he is in a suit and has a big smile on his face.  Gary is acting presidential and talking to everyone. He won the  elections, but seems to still be campaigning.
Jimmy ios here and I see Kent in a suit, and I think that is the dog I picked for GV. But, again, no one asked me to judge.  Gail just told me that they are filming the Maturity Victor and Victrix, so that is who is in the ring.  Kent has the male.  Nice dog, and Select quality.  I had to laugh, so far Kent has taken three trips.   And now he poses him.  Stands back and the dog doesn't move a muscle.  Now in comes the Victrix.  Sharon Avery is here now.  Kent brings in the Victrix.  I can't imagine running like that and before judging.  Carl is here and Bill Leonard.
I so miss Fran Ford, and of course Joan as well.  The building is about full.  We are talking politics now. The camera man said he was uninsurable before ObamaCare.  I try to avoid it. I hate having the government taking over my MediCare.  Yes, that's sarcasm Leonard.
Shelia and the cameraman are going at it. This could be a long day. I just came to watch a dog show.  Kenny came by and I see Scootie, so I have to go say hello. There are certain favorites of mine and she is there. If you read this and are at the show, be sure to say hello. She is a special person.  We are about to begin. Dan Dwyer is here and I got to say hello. 
Lew is doing the REMEMBERING.  This is always hard on me.  I am glad they didn't ask me to read that. 
Al Martin was given a donation. He lost everything, his home his business, but not his spirit. He gave a nice speech.
In they come. Dave Rinke is here, and Karen Taylor as well.  Lew is checking them in.  WOW, beautiful dogs.  A real tribute to our breed. I see Mike and Nancy is already in the ring.  Alex, and I see Channing in the ring.  The audience is quiet and in comes Kent.  I do like that dog.  Liz Oster is there and now Diane.  Zack is up next and not much excitement but I get to see these magnificent animals.  Here comes Art with Galaleo, the number one dog in the country. Records mean nothing today.  Now Olivia.  Nice dog.  Now Bill Basu with Agon, who has gone twice select already.  Jimmie comes in with Quincy, who I think will win it.  Now Leslie.  Bill Tank, and they keep coming in.  Now Diane with Second Amendment.  Now Scott.  Some, like Jimmy don't have the bib tied, and in comes Lenny with Laurene in there as well, Winner's Dog and Winner's Bitch.  Lew goes over to the table and checks with Tom.  And in come some more.  I think they are move-ups.  Now Elizabeth comes in.
40-45 dogs are in there. Lew is talking and going to take them all at a walk.  I see Lennie Brown here.One sable and one black.  The entire ring is full, but for about 40 feet.  I see Erin is talking to Cathy Potter, and no noise,but the dogs are barking. Leslie has a great suit and a red brush cut.  So many in the ring I used to handle against. 
John and Vickie are here, and I think they make a great pair.  I see people moving about, and Lew and Tom are counting and walking the group.   Now Lew has a notebook and tells them to take a pass.  Off they go walking and only the first group of seven. I didn't see it but seem to be seven.  Laurie Stewart is here now and the rest of the dogs go out of the ring.  Lew has the first seven in the center of the ring. At this group the big names are Lesie, Mike, Nancy, Alex and Kent. Lew goes to talk to Tom. This is going to be a long day.  Let's see what Lew does. He is back in the ring and directing them,but I can't hear. I would guess he told them to walk, since that is what they are doing. Now the dreaded individuals.  Man, nothing going on.
Maybe we should adopt the German style and do this the day before.  I am impressed with Montego Bay.  Now Kent with American Rifleman.  This is the dog Ed bought in to and also Kent.  He is something special. I think he won the pre-show.  Off goes the group.  Now Kent with who I think is going to be our GV.  That is Quincy.  Now Diana with another good one.  Smooth moving with all you could want. Diana lets him out.  Patrick has Spiderman. He is a good handler and will be well known soon.  And that is the second group.
Cappy and Gloria just got here and the seats are full.  I thought Arson looked great, and now the new group poses and Off they go with Zack in front walking. Cindi Tellefson came by and gave me a hug. Now my life is compelete.  Alex has Mike Tyson.  I have always liked that dog. I wonder if he has bitten off any ears? 
Mike Reed is there. He too is a great handler.  This is like watching paint dry. I see Mr. Cheeks here too.  Bobby Kindy is sitting and not smiling.  I see Michael Avery is not taking pictures. He probably as seen all he want to see.  Kent with Have You Seen the Rain. How many dogs can one man show?  Maybe we should just give the awards, all of them. to Kent. 
Galileo is out there. He is one of my favorites and the judges seem to agree.  I think Lew will like him.  The number one shepherd in the country.  That's the group.  This is the next to last group.  One more to go.  The crowd likes Midas. And, if you haven't heard, when I tried to read him in the top 20, I lost it. I do love him and Leo.  I don't know about anyone else, but I am bored.
That's the end of the group, and Lew looks at them, sends them off at a full trot, and looks at each of them and looks at his notes and off they go, and out they go.
Now the last group, I think. I am subject to corrections.  Lenny has teh last entry in the catalog with a move-up behind him, with Christy in front.  Diane has Second Amendment another Captain America son, and he should be a contender.  Of course, the second amendment is gun control. I think we know what is to come.
Debbie came by and I thanked her for bringing Rumor. She rode with Jessica, and brought a bunch of dogs.  Lenny has a dog out of my favorite bitch, Madison Avenue.  A big handsome and stallion dog, King Edmond.  One more to go.  I see Joan Fox and Danny Dwyer. Now the last group goes around and it's time to get down to business. 
There is a group of five and maybe they are move-up because the number are such. I just called for all the dog specials unless they have given up.  Pat and Celeste asked if they should get the two Exxon champions.  I told them not to give up. They are young and are just going to get better, but look good this year as well.  I notice Lew is not impressed with how the dog is stacked. But, it makes the owners happy.  Now Winner's Dog.  No temperament problems with four excused in the classes. Maybe we have a new problem in the breed. 
First group:  They line up and George in the rear.  Seven in there and Lew looks them over and takes them around George Leslie and Mikle as well as Nancy in there.  He pulls Alex with Bay and looks at the rest of them.  and off they go again.  Montego Bay is a star and he pulls George with American Riflemann to third.  And off again, just the first three.  He tell the other four to take a pass Nancy in front and Leslie on the end.  He pulls Madeus and puts him in fourth.  And around they go.  Lew sends the entire group to the corner and brings out the next group. 
Finally Dave took some candy. That's why I have it, to make friends. As they go, Lew looks at his notes.  They stop.  He pulls American Eagle and now to second with Quincy. and Off they Go.  Lew fast walks to the front and put Greg to third with Jaeger.  Now the next group.
Off they go with Zack in front and Kent at the end. Also in there is Alex. Lew keeps looking at the notes.  He walks to the group seems to be concentrating and asks them to take another pass.  He only glances at Kent, but now looks at him and takes Kent to the front Have you Ever the Rain second is Crossing Rivers and third Beaste of burden and is now looking at his dumps.  Four, and he pulls Alex with Mike Tyson. 
Now the next group with Art in front and Liz in back. Eight in this group.  Off they go with Leo in front.  He pulls Lenny with Playing with Fire and Olivia Rising Sum and Wisconson Badger, and off the group goes.
Lew sends them off, and now the last group, I think with some famous people in there Paige Bill Tank and off they go.  And they stop.  He pulls Thunder road and Bill, but the first he has put over here so they might be his dumps.  He has always put the keepers and the dumpsters to the other corner. So, who knows?  I sure don't. Off goes a group, wit Diane in there, also Lennie he keeps Diane and Don't Refuse Me  and Scharoark.  The ones by me are the dumpers, and still have hope.
Now another group and off they go with Lew looking at his notes. Elizabeth is in there.  He looks and looks and he bring a young kid to the group and is talk ing  to that group and takes them around with still dreams of Grand Victor, but not for long. And, out they go.  Now he lines up what is left and they are all trying to line up but about 30 in there, so  he takes six to consider.  Some made the first cut. 
He pulls Nancy to third with Golden Boy and sets them aside.  He has two standing along and goes to his group. I have no idea what he is doing but I suppose he does and off goes the next six. Maybe I will figure his out Kent with Have You Ever Seen The Rain and Crossing Rivers.  Now he pulls Quincy and puts him in second. 
Now a new group of seven.  Art is there with Leo.  Lew walks to them and he points to Wisconson Bager and now moves Oivia is with Rising Sun.
On to the next group of five.  Christy is there and so is Diane.  Scott at the end. Lew looks them over with his hands on his hips and he pulls out no one.
Now his last group of five with Lenny at the end.  I think he is just getting rid of what he really doesn't like,  In this group He  Lenny with Bellamy.  And off to the side.
This is quite interesting, the ring is still full.  Lew seems to have a group but I can't tell how many, but it seems like five with Diane and Christy.  He sets them off to the side and another group.  So far he is keeping or dumping them all.
Another groupe of seven this time with
Art, Olivia Cindy and others.  Off they go.  He puts
Midnight Special and San Gabriel and Cleared the tower.  San Gabriel goes to the third.
The rest to the side, and now another group and moves Quincy to the front and then Have you ever seen the rain.  He moves three to the side, which is probably the dump.
Another group now six more with Mike George Zack in there.  And he looks them over, walks back and Moved Mike to the front with George and is looking them, Fire Starter Rifleman and sends George to the American Rifleman Forever and Firestarter to the side and now there go four. Zack in front. Lew goes over to them and talks to Tom and they are talking.  The four stack and they talk.  Now Lew looks at them and sends them to the Good Side.
Now in front is Quincy, then Have you Seen the Rain, Bellamy and then fourth.  There are nine standing not to be icked yet.  He has ten in this group which I think are his Selects.
He puts them aside and takes the other nine. He still have a bunch in the other corner.  I would guess his keepers are off to the side.  Lew picks Pioneer to the front and Second Amendment to second. He pulled  Malcom to the dump group. Now he takes what might be his dump with Art in front, and he excuses them.
And then there were ten. Ten little Indians, or native Americans is you prefer.  Now he combines them and has twenty.  Lew walks down the group and touches each dog.  The crowd the crowd tells him their opinion of each one.  And he moves to the group.  The first five. He says it is not a race. Bet me. He moved up Nancy and off they go.  He puts Kent in front with Have you Seen the Rains and he puts Bellamy to the front, the crowd loves it. With Lenny.  He puts Quincy to the front.  Now he takes the next five.  he puts Rising Son to the front with Olivia.  And off they go.  American Eagle is in front, and now the next group of eight.  I wonder if they care if they aren't going to be cut?
He puts Alex with Montegro Bay to the front and Wisconson to second and then Crossing Rivers. He is looking at his last six and puts Deck the alls to third from the end. 
Now he pulls the groups and puts them together.  He still have twenty dogs in there. Lew ordered 15 ribbons, so who knows what is happening. He is taking then all around again. All together.  He may go twenty Selects.  No one seems to .  Quincy in front he moves Montenegro Bay to fourth.  And he looks them over.  Lew wants to talk to Tom. Everyone is silent. I think they are all going Select. They are having a long conversation and Lew walks to the table and picks up the microphone.
Now he has the dogs elcar the ring so he can talk. YES, they are all going Select. Eighteen this time, Seventeen the last time he judged. A lot of happy people.
Off they go Bellamy now in front and then Have You Seen the Rain., then Montenegro.  He is working with only fourth Now Alex with Montenegro. Each gets a turn in front. The crowd likes Montenegro, but I still think   Quincy is going to win and now he is back in front, Bellamy and Have You Seen the rain, and off they go that way.  That is it.
1. Quincy
2. Bellamy
3. Have You Heard the Rain