Thursday, October 12, 2017

American Bred Dogs

Anyone want to trade places?  I am exhausted.
I see John and Vickie are here and Gary, maybe the President Elect, came by.  John The Judge came to talk to me.  It is so much fun to talk to him and he is doing a great job. We talked so long the place is filling up. Tedi just got here and the Averys are here. Pat Draper stopped to say good morning and Jane Kerner and Pam are here. Jane is still smiling and as I have said, she is one of the things that gets me back to a National. I don't even get to talk to her that much, but what a super person she is.
Vickie came by to talk to Tedi. There goes Celeste with Captivia and John is in the ring. There goes Cappy and Karen Taylor is here talking to Tedi now.  First in is Lindsey, and here comes Gloria.  Erin and Nancy Nellis are here.
In the ring I see Kent and Bill Basu and now Greg and the place is starting to fill up. Joyce Eberts is here, and Michael is in the ring too.  Here comes Rita and Olivia is in the ring too.  Important people in and out of the ring.  I got to hug Rita, always a highlight of the National for me.  John takes them around with Kent in front. He came in late but in time.  Kent has an all black Compass-PP.  Big Dave is here sitting in front of me.  John splits the class and has six there with Kent in first and then Lindsey.  He stands back and looks at each one. I am so delighted with the judging. No wasted time, good picks and no confusion. You can tell with both John and Pam what is going on.
Off they go.  Basu has a good one, he is Cold Pac, or at least that is what he is showing. He is not Cold Pac. Kent has his black right in front of me. He is even better up close.  A real male and handsome.  And I like his dog too. Liz is crawling down below the side curtain to double her dog.  I haven't seen that before, it made me laugh.
Now Lindsey with Rains Terror, and Gloria is doubling.  Now Mike Reed with America's Most Wanted.  A very dark sable. We used to call that a red sable. You can call it what you want.  Mick goes back to get a full ring. The handlers that know their dog can move will do that. He is a nice dog, at a slow easy trot.
Now Bill Basu with Cold Pac.  I know  I said that, but the dog is good enough to say it twice.  Down and Back. One time I would like to see them do sideways. That could be a winner.
Now Mean Mean Pride. Another sable, not as dark but still a great look adn stands like a statue. John is looking hard, and he makes a beautiful picture.
Now Greg with Shotgun Willie.  And back he goes to get a full run. A very dark Bi or almost a black and now the group is done. John stands back and looks at the six and says take them for one pass. I can hear what he says, even though the room is full.  I think I like Bill Basu's dog.
John goes to the front and looks at Kent's dog and now walks the line gives Bill a long look and now stands back. 
He puts Kent in front then Lindsey and  Basu. I just lost about half an hours of posting,but the group goes out.
The second group comes in and goes around. I like the first dog with Mike Sherman. When I looked up the number, it is one of those gas dogs, and Exxon son.  This one bred by Mike Sherman, Pat and Celeste.
Now Jeff with Mellark.  I notice my typing is getting worse. I think fatigue is setting in., when Bob listened to all the people making demands and contradicting themselves, it left me to type. Now I listen, smile and do whatever I want.
Next up is Could Be Famous, a Captain America son.  Kent just came by and he and Rita walked off.
Olivia is up with a very dark, almost black dog, Twyla says a Bi, and I have to agree. Ben Bigoria just walked by and Patti Szymzyk came for candy.  Olivia has Land Slide.  A good one, and a real handsome dog standing and a good mover.
Now Tusk. I don't know these dogs but we sure have type. I love the dogs this year.  Another Bi. I didn't ask Twya.  He has a Junior handler. I know because she came and got a Junior Handler pin from me. I buy pins and give them out to the kids to wear.  The dog is wild, but I think he is a good one.
Now Jessica with the last in the class. How efficient is that?  She has another Captain America son, a dog from Virginia, Mystical Powers.  A very dark sable and he is being excused. 
Back to the first group and off goes Mike.  The gas dog is a real stallion type of dog. I suspect John will go with the shoulder. We have a litter of Exxon puppies at home, and I hope to get one that good. 
Now on to the second group with Kent in front with the Black.  And off they go. Mary Ellen Kish came by. 
They are combined and Kent in front the Gas dog in second and Basu in third. Off got the dismissed dog for the year.  I know John likes the black dog and now he gives everyone a good look. Just the first four but now stands back to look at the other three.  All dark and handsome dogs.  He stands behind Kent and takes them down and back. Down and back for the second and the third.  and now the  fourth with Basu.  Too many Bills in one show.  He doesn't bother with the rest and off they go. Kent, Mike Lindsey and Bill and YES that is it.
1.  Kenlyns Owen V Marquis
2.  Cherpa's Ex Box
3.   Charbo's Peeta Mellark V Jayln 
4.   Lindenhill's Cold Pac V Gracelyne