Wednesday, October 11, 2017

6-9 Males

We got through the opening ceremonies, and I only broke up one time.
Lots of people here now and milling about. I got the speakers so we can hear.  Michael Avery. I see Rita just got here and is talking to Jane Kerner, who is sitting right in front.
I just lost most of what I said, but in come the 6-9 puppy dogs.
One thing about the National is they don't have small classes. Kathy Potter is sitting with Bobbie Kindy, and Joyce Eberts next to her, and the dogs keep on coming,  I see bill Basu with his entry and he is at the back. Martha Rinki just came in, and she looks younger than last year. Is that possible?  Now in comes Kent to end the group. Debbie Stern just came by.
John is counting them and Tom is with him making notes and George just walked by.  It is a bit cold, but maybe it will warm up.
John is holding a notebooks and tells them to take a pass around. Gail Stiffleman is setting  up chairs for Mary Ellen Kish.  They take a pass, and now they stop.  I missed it, but John has a group of seven now. 
The first put comes out with Greg.  A very dark black and tan. Twyla just got here.  Sharon Avery came by. Tom gave me a walkie talkie, but I have no idea how to work it.  If the handlers are listed in the catalogue, I can probably remember the names.  A Maximus son.  I still think Lindsey is one of the best handlers, not to limit that she is one of the prettiest one too.
Now a Man U Man sonRock My World.  Karen Taylor came by to talk to Sharon Avery.  This dog is not going to allow his teeth to be looked at.  I don't think he is spooky, but seems inexperienced. What a nightmare for the handler.  I know him, but can't bring up the name as I am being given directions constantly most often contradicting what I was already told.
Now Nancy with  Kodiak Ridge.  A Midas Touch son. Midas is one of my favorite champions and of course Nancy and Kenny great people.  This is a great looking black dog. Down and back is right in front of me, but John is a hard person to see through.  The joint is filling up.  That is a smooth moving dog and a great outline against the white wall.
Now Joohn goes to talk to To   and back in the center for the next dog, Game of Thrones.  Mike Metz owns him and another dark dog.  What a nice dog, but looks young.
Mike is in there with Day Tripper, a very handsome black and tan that poses but is being messed up by the double handler.  Another Man U Man this one with Allen Wood.  There is no question as to who is the big producer this year, and Allen is in front of me.  Perfect coming and going,and off he goes.  A bit wild, but one of the good ones.
Diane Brown has Orian V Laslar Windfall.  I have to admit this is my favorite. First of all Diane is one of the all time beautiful women, second the Dam has Asgard in her name.  I have been and remain a shallow person.
Now they line up, John walks down from front to back and looks them over. He has his hands clasped behind his back and tells them to take a pass and off they go with Greg in front then Lindsey and at the end Diane. John walks over, tells Mike to go in front then Nancy, and Mike Metz' dog.  I know the handler but can't bring up her name.  I like his choices. John knows a moving dog. He finished Big Ben with me on the lead, so we know he doesn't favor handlers. On that day The Guz had a dog he wanted to finish, and I wanted to finish Ben, and did so.
Now the next group. Cindy in front.  She has Tequila Shooter.  Cindy is one of the owners.  I see Cindy Bartly and she waved.
Now it is Kubistraums Free For All. He like so many youths does not want his teeth checked. But is sound and a great looking puppy.  John is off to the side so I can see he is clean coming and going, but John wants to see him again. Again he is fine.  Off he goes and the crowd likes him, and so do I.  nother one of the dark pups we are seeing. I love the depth of body on this pup. Alex backs up to give a full ring, so I suspect the pup can move. Nice and smooth but not very UP.
Next up is Devil Varrowhead. Don't yell at me, I just report what it says in the Good Book.   Off he goes and a nice looking sable. It doesn't seem like we are seeing as many sables, and with a dominant gene that is strange.
Bill Basu is now out there with Iron Thrown. Owner by Mike Metz.  A very dark, possible a Bi, probably so. Either well trained or perfectly built as every stop is a pose. Impressive.  Off they go, Bill is looking for the double handler and lets the lead out all the way. 
Kent is out there with Chaos.  Sheree Moses and some dude named James own and bred him. That dude is standing in front of me.  Clean going away and I can't see him coming but Kent tell Jimmy to go around and off he goes.  Were I judging, that would be my pick.
John goes to look them over, walks from the front to the back.  He stops at each one and we try to figure out what he is thinking when he doesnt' stop.  He sure takes extra time with Chaos
There they go again with Cindy stil in front, walking.  Kent leaves a big space and lets his dog out.  John looks them over and puts Kent in front. Again, I am not as dumb as people say. Bill is in second and George just came by.  Off they go in that order, now Kent give a full 12 foot lead.  That is a spectacular puppy, unless Kent is fooling me.  John calls for the second group to line up as a separate line behind the others.  Kent takes his pup over to see Jimmy.
Some big character from Canada is in front of me, but the second group takes a pass with Mike in front, then Nancy. John says go again.  And he leans down to look them over.  John stops them and brings out the second group again. they all stack the pups.  The seats are full on both sides of the ring. I don't remember seeing this for the first day before.  Now on to the first group again.  John stops at Nancy's dog and walks down and now looks at Kent, Bil and the rest of that group.
He points to Kent, then Mike and places the class, leaving six to suffer is silence.  The suffering six take a pass and are excused to be put out of their misery.
Now back to reality. Alan Wood is here and doubling his dog, but I doubt anyone is going to beat, but the next two are also great.  John walks back to the front and tell them to keep going until he says to stop and off they go. Kent at a full stride and I can't imagine he is going to change what he has done. John is doing a great job.  He stops them and tells them to take is easy and walks to Kent's dog and looks him over. 
Now, each of them go down and back. The crowd like Day Tripper, and I do too.  Game of Thrones is another big winner, but needs to mature out.  They all stack, John says, take them around.  There they go, and John is doing a fast walk it is Kent Mike Game of Thrones and Spades with Nancy.