Friday, October 13, 2017

The downward streach

I am sorry I didn't list the Selects but when I get some time I will do so. They are about to take in the bitches, so maybe when that is over. There still is a full house. With 18 male Select it is happy time for a lot of people.
Thankfully a great friend, Rita, bought me a cushion.  And, it isn't cold right now. So, we are ready for bitches.
Lew was talking to Big Dave, and I see Sharon Avery is working the crowd.  Nancy Hubble is still grinning, and well she should.  Linda Ferguson has her Select and her dog looked great.  And,  the Grand Victor is well deserved.
In they come.  And off they go.  Seven in there to start with Bill at the end, Basu that is. Too many Bills, just like at the first of the month at my house.
Since all the action is after this nonsense, I will take some time to reflect on why I keep on doing this. Tedi and Twyla hit the road so I am fee to do what I want. I will probably do White Castle, or if I want to hear all the speeches, go to the dinner.
There goes Carolyn Martello and I see the crowd is here, but it is quiet.  The first group is done.  Half an hour a group.  Off goes the seven.  Dreams of being the Grand Victrix still there.
A new group. How startling.  Surprise, Surprise.  Diane is in there. She has her Select. She can't want another. Also Kent and Cindy, they also have their Selects already.  The best bitch I have seen so far is with Diane.  She is No Regrets of Eden. National Security Threat is a great one too.  It is a bit warmer in here.  Now Kent with Uptown Girl.  She is a flashy black and red.  If she keeps working like that, she will be hard to beat.
The bitches seem to be out of order a lot. I wonder if the handlers are doing that to get into different groups.  Now the last one in this group.  And Lew says, take them around. There they go, everyone must be sitting on their hands.
Lew looks at his notes and sends them out, and trades them for a new group.  Christy in front, then Scott, Mike, and Jeff.  Al the important people.  A lot of different styles.  Mike has a Fasano bitch. The Fasanos always have good stuff.  Good dogs too.  No problem this year with people standing in front, or parking in a no parking zone or any other complaints. No one has even asked that we pick up after their dogs.  Butch Loeb is here and told me a good Henny Youngman joke. He is a big fan.
Off they go still thinking they will win.Away with you all.
And,yet another group with George in front.  Lindsey is at the end and only  three in the catalog behind her. But, there might be move ups. George has a flashy dark black and tan. Very pretty bitch. Beautiful bitch. She should be one of the top ones.  This might be the end, the last in the catalogue.  But, I haven't seen the Winner's Bitch yet.  So probably another group. It's now been an hour.  No, that was the winner's bitch.  She is a Halston daughter and it shows.
No, another group of seven, including moveups, veteran and others.  Channing and Cindy are in there as well as Liz. 
I don't mind what Lew did with 18 Select Males. They were top quality and deserve to be Select. We consistently improve the breed and that is what it reflects. There are so many nice bitches this year. Yada Yada is in there now. My personal favorite. I also like the Winner's Bitch.  Two top quality bitches.
Now the real beginning after two hours.  Lew is talking to Tom and giving him directions. Not the other way around. The first group is in there, and off they go.Lew looks at them, at his notes, back at the  dogs,a dn at his notes.
Scott with Disorderly conduct, Elete Design, Bonnie Parkbear, and Taking care of business.  Now another look at the other four. They go off to the corner of despair and the first four to heaven.
Another seven and off they go, and I like a couple of those.  He poiints to  Kent Uptown Girl then National Secuity threat, and No Regrets.  Another four to hell on earth.
Another group starting with Christie.   Ending with Diana. Never mind who the bitches are.  Zack is in second and Mike in third.  Off they go. Lew looks at his notes and has his hands on his hips.  He wants them around again.  Mike with Ounce a Witch Always a witch, Forbear Mine.
Now a new group with George in front.  Lenny at the end, and a bunch of people between them. Lew walks to Le Me Be Your Star and Extra Special Ulyssa and he holds back Georgia Rose, the rest to the second stage of hell..
Eight new ones to love or hate Lew.  He wants them to another pass, with loose leads.  He pulls Lilly, then Hot Embear, and the rest to purgatory and Lew wants to see them all again. Just the dumpee.  Get the hell out of his ring, and off they go to next year.
Twenty two in there.  He takes the first eleven.  And off they go, loose lead.  Lots of noise from the double handlers.  Lew gives them all a good look.  And they stop.He pulls Kent with Uptown Girl, Ounce a With always a witch. Forbear mine, and Scott with Bonnie Gearpart, and Lone Survivor. And he looks at the first six with and Diane with No Regrets.
Now he goes to the next group starting with Zack.  and off the go.  Eleven. George with Xtra Secial, Let Me Be Your Star, Ulyssa.  He moved Ribberbiy up to fifth from last.  And off they go.  Xtra Special in front and he is looking at the last four and sends them back and calls out his first group.  The second group goes back with Kent in front with Uptown girl.  It seems like his top five.  He leaves thos and wants to see something from his other group.  Now the other group, seven in there. Cindy comes in and yet another and Lew is over talking to the group he sent over and comes out to look at this class.  At most shows this would be the whole show. Nine bitches.  Lew looks them over and walsk around and walks to the front and gestures to send three of them to the keepers and sends our five.
That is about it, I think these seventeen are going Select. Lew walks over and stands back and he breaks it up into a group of eleven.  No, he takes them all. George with Extra Special Lenny with Ulyss the Winner's Bitch, and more Kent with Uptown Girl in third.  Just a first group. Lew stops them has Forever Mine. He is my favorite. The crowd goes wild.  Now the "also rans".  Nine in there, a clean up, and a break.  Lew is looking at them, not his best, but good enough. He sends them back and now the entire ring is lined up.  It looks like all Selects, seventeen. 
I gave Lew the  microphone and he says walk and tells the double handlers to sit down and says this is a magnificent group. 
1.   575
2.   491
3.     587
4      572
5       573
6     559
7     584
8    563
9     578
10    592
11    569
12    548
13    531
14    564
15    577
16    568
17    558