Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Evan's blog

I think people like it because my mind rambles and I write my thoughts as they come to me.  I often don't recognize what I write, and I read some of the stuff from yesterday. Isn't that how we all think, watch a dog, say hello to an old friend, have a stray memory flow through your mind,then watch another dog.
It is still quite, a bit cold for me, and listening to Jack play a bugle is a real treat.  How they got this all set up last night is amazing. We were here in the afternoon, and they were still doing agility. The rain yesterday was mild and not really a problem.
I just spent half an hour talking to Sarget Poitras. Besides being elected veteran of  the year, he is a wood carver, and a champion roller skater.   He play bugle at funerals around the country. A very interesting person.
Ben Begornia brought a black puppy by, and he peed in front of me. I hope that isn't a comment on the show. Channing is cleaning it up.  Now the place is filing up. Carl came in with Sharon Avery, and Cindi is here as are others lining up for cataloges.  One more thing, if ;you didnt' know, I can't spell.
I am the only announcer, so when the show starts I have multiple directions from multiple people telling me what to do. So, I will be doing the best I can.  Carl confirmed it is cold in here.
Bob ( the voice of the National) just called. Tedi came by, I had to cut off Bob, and he said he sees me, but there is some delay.  I guess there is a camera on both sides.  Alan Wood is  here now.  Ben is here and Tedi is sitting with me.  Everyone is telling me what to do, and a lot of contrary directions.  I suspect they know I am going to do what I do. Jane Kerner is here now, and has a great walking stick.
Vickie Beamont is here talking to me.  I don't think I will be able to talk much  this year.  All I can do is wave.  Maybe that is good, since I can't remember names anyway.  Vickie looks as beautiful as ever, and John as distinguished as he always does. I may be showing under them soon.