Thursday, October 12, 2017

Open Dogs

Ed Barritt and Libby came by. He is doing great for an old man.  I think I might be older and and he looks better. Tedi went to sit with Jane Kerner and Martha Rinke, (instead of me).  A wise choice.
HERE THEY COME.  First Lenny, then Mike, Dust Bowl, and now Basu with It's All About me.  I like that dog, he belongs to Bob Ghigleri.  Then Olivia.  All About Me is a year younger than the other dogs in there, but the next dog decides to take a dump.  They are still just dogs, no matter how good they look. 
Bob HelD All About Me back, he could have finished in California, so her could show under Dave Rinke. I doubt he lost anything with John.  I am high on the dog, and hope he isn't too young for this show.  He was born 1/1816, and in Open at the National.
Now Kent with Honor Guard.  That will be hard to beat.  And last isFull Metal Jacket.  The last two are Captain America sons and I am high on both of them.
I know It's All About Me can move, I just hope he is enough dog for John here we go.  Out comes Lenny with Bellamy.  He is a Phoenix son.  A very masculine dog.  Rita just bought me a cushion.  Mike Cheeks came by to tell me he can't eat any candy. We are still enjoying his fudge.
Now Mike with the Gas dog.  He Jovan, and Celeste is here squeeking.  The dog sure is keyed on her. and The Crowd likes him. 
Now up  is Dust Bowl Dance. The quality here is amazing. I don't think I have ever seen this level of good dogs at any National in the past. But, if we keep breeding to improve the breed, this is what we should get.
Now, It's All About Me.  No matter what he does here, he has a great future. He looks mature, even if just out of the 12- 18 class.  Bill takes him to the back and Bob Mahea moves out. And off he goes. Bill shows him just right, a full lead and completely loose.  He sure is a great moving dog.
Now Olivia.  with RAYLEXMODAGUSTYBREEZESHADYROCK.  I just say what the catalogue says.  What a sh ow off, as the dog poses.  And a pass around.
Next up is Maximus.  Thanks for the short name.  I wish people would think of me when they name their dogs. A good Bi, and a good pass.
Now Kent with Honor Guard. I liked this dog last year.  I do think Captain America produces real dogs and good movement.  That dog would scare any burglar.   And a top show dog.  I am surprised he isn't finished.
Now, Full Metal Jacket.  Another Captain America son.
It worries me that no one is yelling at me, and everyone is helping.  That has to change at some point. 
This is the end of this group.  Another who goes back to get a full ring. A good one, and the two are comparable.
John goes to the table and now goes out to look. He washed his hands and is looking over his class. It's All About Me is posed to perfection. John gives them all a good look, and he says Two Times. 
John gives everyone a good look and he gives directions and is talking to them and he says One Time slow.  And off they go walking.   He moves the dogs, and leaves It's All About Me in fourth, Lennie in front, then Bill and Liz in third.  I like that order, but my heart is with Bob Giglhari, of course. A ribbon at this age is great.
They now go down and back.  Bellany in front, then Pacifico, (The too long to type), and It's All About Me. f He moves Liz in front of Mike to second.  That may be the way it goes.  Now, back to the pack.
John walks to the front, and touches each dog.  Great temperament in this class and John is looking them over again and he says "One Time" and off they go. This might be it. Just the first four, and now the last three. John says ?Slow".
Beautiful dogs and Liz to the front.  Full Metal Jacket in front and no, he stops them and moves Lenny back to the front.  In front is Bellamy, and that's the way it is.
1.   Lacomtesse Bellamy
2.   Welove Du Chien's Full Metal Jacket
3.   Cherpa's Pacifico V Jovon
4,   Sogne Fjord's It's All About Me